How do you know?


”How do you know you’ve lost someone?”

”Well, I guess you just know. I mean it starts with them forgetting to text you back, or not saying goodnight. It starts when you feel more alone in their arms than anywhere else in the world. It starts with arguments about stupid things and disagreeing more than you knew possible. It starts with them asking you what movie you want to watch, then choosing something completely different and it ends with them not bothering to ask you anything at all. 


It ends when they start to kiss you with their eyes open and nodding distractedly at everything you say. It ends when there is nothing left but ash because it’s true: the oppisite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. It ends when silence isn’t comfortable any more and the person sat in front of you is a stranger in strange clothes.

You want to know how you’ve lost someone? In the end? Just the same way you know most things: you just do.”

Detta är så vackert, och hjärtskavande sant.

cred: @poemsporn_

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